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Apr 18, 2005

Eight Days a Week

Well, five to start.

So, yeah. I got a haircut. A long-awaited haircut. And you might notice that my hair is blonde. Very, very blonde. There are pictures from each day. Want proof?


This is day one of the latest version of me. I went to The Improv that night. And then to Jerry's. And then to a parking spot on Melrose where politics were discussed at length.


I met my friend Mark for lunch at the Farmer's Market, and then we went to see Kung Fu Hustle (I don't recommend it, but I will go into further detail later). I went to The Improv Thursday night, too. And that's plenty.


I met my friend Steve for coffee before he headed back home to San Diego. We worked together in biotech ages ago. I sucked down an iced coffee and felt my head swimming over the fact that we've known each other for thirteen years. I find it hard to believe I've known anything for thirteen years.

Later, after a drink at H.M.S. Bounty, I went to The Wiltern to see the live staged reading of an episode of The Family Guy. I have some complaints about that experience.


After workshop, Jessie and I went to Birds and had a few drinks and a few onion rings, and we made a few friends whose names we will surely never recall.


Alex is in town. I picked him up at his hotel, and we had a coffee that I wish could have lasted forever. But he has a busy rock and roll life to live. And I don't. After I dropped him off, I went for a walk with Martín that ended in a visit to 7-11. Then I went for a run. Then I went and visited Bryn. Then we went to Fred 62. Then I came home. And I can hear that it's late enough to be the beginning of someone's day. And I sort of feel sorry for that someone.

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