Secret Pop

Apr 21, 2005

Comic Book Genre

My friend Rob is in Sydney working on the new Superman movie. The video blogs on are of his doing. You should watch them. They are fascinating and thrill-inducing and will awaken the dormant sense of superhero anticipation you may have long since given up on. He is also the progenitor of the Brooks Hatlen Game, a drinking game you can really only play with him or someone like him. What's surprising is how many friends of mine I actually could play this game with. And I wonder if that is just because of this being Los Angeles and all. You can read about the game on Rob's blog. I'm sure he would want you to.

I am also keyed up and excited to see Christian Bale be Batman. But I don't know anyone making blogs about it.

And I already have my tickets purchased for Episode III. I'm not going opening night or anything. But I'm going. And I'm not so fed up with all of it that I'd be disappointed if it actually turned out to not be a disappointment. I'm rooting for it to be awesome. But I'm bringing spirits with me either way. And I hope there will be Stormtroopers in the audience, because those costumes always impress me. I also think it would be funny if people in the audience came dressed as crew members from the Satellite of Love or Federation officers. I think it would be amusing to see how many in attendance would actually be offended by that.

And all of this talk just makes me anxious for Comic-Con. I'm staying in a hotel this time. And I'm planning to be drunk for the entire four days.

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