Secret Pop

Mar 4, 2005

"I do not attempt to explore the depths of the oriental mind."

Well, that's not true, actually. That's a quotation from a John Wayne movie. I, in fact, do attempt to explore the depths of the oriental mind and often. Seriously. And I have no problem with people saying "oriental."

I forgot to cover some things. Wednesday night, Jesse and I went to The Hotel Cafe to see my lovely friend Anya. That part I covered. It was raining out, and I was in a blue mood, so Jessie brought me flowers, and I took a picture of them next to my leg. After our visit to The Velvet Margarita, we were walking back across wet streets to Jessie's car, and a cab with Tom Green in the front passenger seat nearly ran us down. Tom Green looked at us and said, "Hi." But that was hardly an apology.

It's brilliant sunny out, but the skies are black. It's raining in places but not everywhere and not all the time.

Last Friday night was the Duran Duran concert. I have finally posted the pictures of the band (and it should come as no surprise that this is really just more than two hundred photos of mostly only John Taylor) and of Beulah and me.

Saturday night, Yen and I shared a cherry after my show at the comedy theater.

Monday night, I realized how long my hair has gotten. The answer? Too long.

I guess that's the whole story up until this point.

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