Secret Pop

May 1, 2004

The night is full of sweet scents.

It has been a week of unrest. Some good. Some typical. I need rest, but I won't find it. And I'm okay with that. The more I've worked, the freer I have felt. But I have also felt caged by it. And cagey because of it. I spent far more afternoons lounging on the museum grounds when I didn't have so much to do. I miss it.

Watching The Corporation really had an effect on me. Got all my little liberal atoms buzzing more than usual. Got me thinking. So many things deserve the name evil. It's strange how the meaning of that word has been changed by its prominence in the Bush administration's rhetoric. It's been made impotent in certain ways. It's no good any more. It's sort of a shame when a word or phrase becomes catch. Just as "liberal" and "conservative" no longer imply what they used to. Our quilt of a language is being diminished and disempowered every day. By television and politics and pop stars and preachers. Words fall flat now because we infer them in their most popular selves. And we don't seek out subtext or etymology. We don't endeavor to understand as much as we used to. I have always been one who strives to keep saying the same thing in a different way. Lucky that. If I had a smaller vocabulary, people might just stop listening altogether. Of course, I'm only taking it for granted that they mayn't already have.

It smells like night time. My pillow is full of sweetness. Perfume from my hair reminds me that I've slept here. Four walls. Two doors. Two windows. A room. A haven. A prison. A playpen. You can call a thing many names. A rose by any other name and all of that. A rose may smell as sweet if you call it a schoolbus, but it would be a lot harder to find in the card catalogue. It's a good thing no one uses those anymore.

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