Secret Pop

May 13, 2004

Ditches and Dalliances

What was brutal was tamed. And then shepherded into the fold. I've got a handle on things for the moment. And I'm glad.

An old friend from my biotech days is in town, and that made for another late night of waxing nostalgic over wine and LCD chronologs. I may get some rest tomorrow. I must.

I had all these things I wanted to get back to here. It will all be so woefully out-of-date by the time I get my pockets emptied and my scrawling realigned. For now, I will offer a picture of me at Coachella, taken by Beulah and her fancy new digicam. I loved this day. Incidentally, I recall walking past two guys talking, and one said to the other, "Ponytails give me such a hard-on." I assume he meant for me to hear that, but I just kept on walking. Partially because I was trying to go photograph Stereolab, and partially because it would have been such a throttle to my self-esteem to have turned and seen that the guy he was talking to was wearing ponytails, too.

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