Secret Pop

Nov 7, 2001

"I feel nothing. I'm in L.A."

I love tonight! New friends. Spontaneous outings. Drop dead kick ass music. I went to The Joint to meet up with my new friend Jo and her friends to see Melodine. They were third on the line-up. The second act was this incredible guy called Chris Pierce. He just set the place on fire. His singing, his guitar and harmonica playing. He was just huge. And the songs were brilliant. Apparently one song called "Static Trampoline" will air on "Dawson's Creek" tomorrow night. I was so impressed. I felt like this big, stupid groupie. I bought his homemade CD and everything. I'm listening to it right now. It's great. You should buy it. Although there's little that can compare with the experience of seeing this guy live. For an encore, he did a song called "Keep On Keepin' On" with the help of a guy he called Billy Porter. I just can't stress enough how great it was. I was beaming and happy and dancing and just thoroughly alive. Yay!

Then I brought my new friends back to my place and set Jo and her fianc7eacute; up with some Mac help. Now, I'm shirking my responsibilities and doing font conversions that will probably go unappreciated. It is a confirmed fact that I will never learn.

Melodine, by the way, was also quite awesome. And they have a CD to buy, too.

I almost forgot. The title. Yes. So, Melodine was asking the audience whether we could hear okay. The lead singer goes, "Can you feel it?" And this guy pipes up, "I feel nothing! I'm in L.A.!" People around him laughed, but there was a moment of it occurring to them that what he was saying might be an insult.

I added my name to The Joint's mailing list.