Secret Pop

Nov 1, 2001

Hurray for kept promises.

I told myself I would go and have my lunch at the La Brea Tarpits and write in my journal, and today I did it. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the weather was perfect for sitting in the sun, even all dressed in black as I was. Incidentally, S&B pants fit me like a dream. I have many reasons to be glad of shopping at Nordstrom.

There is a smell at the Tarpits. But it isn't so very obtrusive. It was just so lovely. I had a later lunch, so it was about 2 P.M. when I was sitting out there. The sun was shining through the spindly fingers of very tall palm trees that line Wilshire at that stretch. There were field trippers galore -- school kids as well as older students sketching in the sculpture garden. Beulah and I chatted on the phone for a bit. We talked about one day being filmmakers together. And we laughed about things that only we would laugh about. I ate a delicious panini and drank a Red Bull and watched the little birds on the fence and wondered why more strings of words weren't springing to my pencil. Maybe there is something too contrived about planned inspiration.

A friendly blond woman on a bicycle stopped to ask me where I got my Krispy Kremes. I had gotten them at the little eatery where I bought my panini. They sell them by the box there, and I had bought a box to share with my co-workers. I also let her know that they sell Krispy Kremes in the Plaza Cafe at LACMA. She was happy because that's where she and the guy she was with had intended to go next. She thanked me and suggested that I should enjoy my doughnuts. All very friendly. The only disappointing epilogue is that I brought the doughnuts back to the office, and virtually no one wanted to eat them. Health-conscious crazies all. My boss was later saying concerned things about the manifestations of terrorism we are likely to see in the near future. Doom and gloom, implying we won't be able to save our skins. So I interjected cheerily, "With that in mind, why not have a lovely doughnut!" Still no takers. I managed to pawn some off on the web guys and one of the women I work with. But she chose a doughnut whose filling didn't please her. It was just a day for letdowns in that respect.

In other respects, it was a day for jubilation. I just felt pretty good, and I loved being at work and getting a lot done. I'm looking forward to some of my meetings tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to driving down to San Diego to do some comedy shows and to play with Elizabeth again.

I canceled a date tonight. It would have been fun, but I'm just tuckered out. It is a shame to waste my outfit. It's very simple, but I was pleased at how I looked when I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror at the office. It's always a bit of a crapshoot, since I don't have anything but the medicine cabinet mirror to look at in my apartment. The hunt for space-conscious mirrored furniture continues. Anyway, rainchecks were issued. Perhaps tomorrow.

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