Secret Pop

Feb 17, 2006

Career Counseling

How do people get jobs these days? Do people actually talk to their guidance counselors and such? Or do they apprentice with blacksmiths and cobblers and the like? I never did any of that. When I was growing up, I think it was more of an oral history tradition. Or an osmosis of popular culture. Because if they weren't getting their career ambitions from the professional cats and dogs in Richard Scarry books, it seemed like most job ideas came to people by way of a short film on Sesame Street or the Electric Company. And people only grew up to be dairy farmers and chewing gum makers.

Speaking of jobs, it looks as if I will be starting a new one next week. What a twisty-turny life it is here in Los Angeles. One can barely buy advance plane tickets with any great surety.

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