Secret Pop

Jul 18, 2005

Mind Over Mencia

I can't believe the tripe that gets on television today as compared to the much more delicious meats that don't. I'm speaking, of course, of Carlos Mencia and his new show. Perhaps Comedy Central is catering to a core demographic of the incarcerated that I'm not aware of. Those dudes will laugh at anything. And it's a shame, because it really skews the curve to the disadvantage of the rest of us. The promos call him offensive and support the claim by showing him saying the word "midget." Come on. That's not offensive. I'm more offensive when I'm plugging the parking meter in front of my office. No, really. I am. I totally pretend it's a sex act. I get all nasty about it. I finger the coin slot a little. Make it think I'm gentle. And then I lay on the racist epithets and tell it to give me what I paid for. You should see it. And if you're thinking, "That's not funny," you're right. But I also do not have my own show. Do I. And if you used Mind of Mencia as a measure at all -- however alliterative -- you might stop and also think to yourself that there's no real reason that I shouldn't.

P.S. If you are a development executive, I do not have an agent, but I have a number of friends who could convincingly pretend to be one on the phone, should you need to speak with one.

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