Secret Pop

May 22, 2005

Paper Nautilus

I recently added a quotation to my Lines I Like page. It was said by Peter O' Toole, and I wish I could marry it. "I can't stand light. I hate weather. My idea of heaven is moving from one smoke-filled room to another." Perfect. It should be the basis for a religion. And honestly I don't even know if this is absolutely true for me. I certainly find pleasure from time to time in the out of doors. I've called many a day lovely before. But mostly, I like inside and air-conditioned. I like rain when I'm not in it. I like sun when it's not on me. I like snow when it's in a photograph. Or when it's made of cotton or wax. For my money, the sun is only really great when I'm in the mood to take pictures. And a smoke-filled room sounds like conversation to me. And I do so love it when people aren't yet calling it a night.

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