Secret Pop

Aug 27, 2003

Walker, Texas Ranger as Passive Aggressive Customer Service Revenge Tactic

My cable box has been acting up. It's not the first time. There's no program information in it. When you go to the guide, it just says, "To Be Announced," over and over again. So, I never know if I'm actually watching Columbo. Very unnerving.

Last time this happened, I waited a few days and then called for service. They brought me a new box. Now, it's happening again. So, I called and asked them to hit the box with a signal -- like they do -- and the guy at the tech service desk told me to turn the box to a cable station like channel 8. So, I turned it to channel 8, which happens to be the USA Network. Then, he sent the signal and explained what was going to happen. That is to say, he explained that I would have to leave the cable box on that station for twenty or thirty minutes until the guide data reset itself. And now I'm stuck for the next half hour with Walker, Texas Ranger playing. In my imagination, I'm writhing on the floor, clutching a fatal bullet wound, croaking out the defeated words, "Ya GOT me!"

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