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Jul 14, 2003

Captain Jack Sparrow

Hot, muggy day in the town of Los Angeles. Me with back pain from improperly lifting musical equipment. Things feeling dismal and full of mistakes. Hopeful thoughts at a premium.

But I went to the movies and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and it wasn't as riddled with Bruckheimerisms as I thought it would be (although they were certainly there, and that should not be overlooked or excused). I was disappointed in the score. It could have been massive and swashbuckling and grand, but it wasn't; it was supervised by Hans Zimmer, and it sounded to have been. But Johnny Depp is wonderful. And not just because he's dreamy.

I had to sit too close to the screen, but perhaps it's for the best that I was challenged in my ability to properly view the teaser for the Haunted Mansion abomination Disney has in store for us. I can't wait to see how they bastardize the surely-forthcoming Main Street U.S.A. feature. Why do people still go to watch movies with Eddie Murphy in them? Why?

I'm not really in a reviewing mood. I don't have all my marbles in place. I'm sticky and tired and a bit adrift in all my free time. But I enjoyed the movie I saw, even at the angle I saw it. And I felt bad for the actors who ever realize how fat they all look when you're sitting too close.

Final word: Johnny Depp is dreamy. Ever so. He makes me think of romance and dirty stuff.

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