Secret Pop

Sep 1, 2002

I've missed the starry skies at night.

There's something reassuring about being able to see that there is a whole universe still out there, unobscured by city lights and urban haze. It's nice to know there are still quiet places. Many of these places are dismayingly close to a strip mall that has a T.G.I.Friday's in it, but it's on the other side of a hill, so you can pretend it isn't true.

I don't think I like discovering things about myself. So much of the time, it's something I wish wouldn't be true. Something that makes me self-conscious or ashamed. So much of the time, it's something I can't change. Or wouldn't know how to. I don't think I like being able to sum myself up in a few stark phrases. I take things too personally. I get hung up on what's fair and unfair. My hair is much lighter than I ever thought. I would hate to think that's all anyone would ever need know about me. I would hate to think it's all I am or all that has ever been true about me.

I look up at cloud-streaked night skies, filled with stars and cool and possibility, and I know that I can't have seen it all. I know there are dimensions beyond it, pieces I'm missing. I know there's more to learn. More to know. I just hope that that includes me. I hope that my story hasn't been written yet. That it's just in the planning phases. And that it won't close on opening night.

I received praise for my rapping skills tonight. In my book, that's a hoot.

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