Secret Pop

Dec 14, 2005

Questions for Science

Does the inner monologue of a retarded person sound like a retarded person? Or does it just sound that way when it comes out? Does a retarded person think in the voice of William F. Buckley and then it just comes out sounding like a cartoon character? Or are there just as many appearances of the consonant "d" in his head voice? The voice in my head sometimes sounds autistic. And sometimes it sounds like my mother. But it never ever sounds like the voice on my outgoing message.

Does air travel make you older? Or do flight attendants just need to use more moisturizer?

How much popcorn is it safe to eat?

Does Christmas matter?

Should I dye my hair darker?

Can Two and a Half Men give me cancer? It sure feels like it could.

Do bugs know how much I hate them?

Is having a dream as foolish as it sounds?

Will the future be anything at all like Star Trek? Please?

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